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The list of data repositories and systems that support DOIs

If your organization does not have its own archive of publications or archives do not support DOI metadata scheme, you can start using one of these platforms, which will save the metadata for DOI registration.

Dspace Dspace

The DSpace-based Datadoi repository is a platform for persistent storing of research data. If no other suitable environment that would ensure the storing of data (e.g. PlutoF or some other) can be found, the data are entered into Datadoi, provided with a DOI and interfaced via our system indexes to other similar data elsewhere. You can download Dspace here.


OJS (Open Journal System developed by Canada’s Public Knowledge Project) is a platform for scientific publishing, this software also allows you to generate metadata compatible with DOI xml schema. You can download OJS here.

Or, you can use Hephaestus system developed by RADS. Hephaestus will allow generating xmls with metadata in order to register DOIs. To provide test access to Hephaestus, please contact us, contacts.