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Creating and managing your DOIs

DOIs work principles

DOIA DOI name consists of a prefix and a suffix separated by a forward slash (e.g. 10.1234/56789). Each organisation is assigned its own unique prefix, and decides its own suffix format. The most important property of a DOI suffix is that it should be unique within the given prefix space. The DataCite system will reject any attempt to mint duplicate DOIs. Please consider the following points when creating your suffixes:

Creating and managing your DOIs

Technical Information

RADS is responsible for the maintenance, preservation and access to datasets.

Metadata schema

This list contains a list of the metadata properties necessary for the precise identification of data for citation purposes along with user instructions and examples.
Mandatory metadata are:

Preparing xml files for registration

If your organization uses one of the following journal hosting platforms: PKP OJS or Dspace, you can transfer datasets to our server.

If your organization does not use these systems, you can work through the program Hephaestus developed RADS. The process of marking metadata in Hephaestus is similar to the one in Russian Science Index, the output is a file with the metadata for the DOI registration, which is also automatically sent for registration. Hephaestus is also able to generate xml for Russian Science Index, DOAJ, PubMed, Math-Net, Chemical Abstracts and GeoRef.