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Assigning DOIs is now easier with new interface

The process of marking up the data for DOI registration has become even simpler, and includes new types of objects. The following new types of the objects making part in the exchange of scientific information have been added: Новые типы объектов Dissertation Funding Submission Patent Research Tool Supervised Student Publication University Academic Unit Tenure-Promotion Working Paper Conference Abstract Conference Paper Conference Poster Conference Program Book Book Chapter Book Prospectus Book Review Book Series Magazine Article Newspaper Article Online Resource Website Dictionary Entry Disclosure Encyclopedia Entry License Manual Newsletter Article Registered Copyright Report Test Trademark...

New repository

We have created a new repository of research data from all the organizations  that assign their DOIs with RADS. http://search.rads-doi.org/

Russian Agency for Digital Standardization

Russian Agency for Digital Standardization (RADS) – is an entity whose objective is the application of DOI standard for the scientific information published in Russia and CIS countries. RADS works on informational products to facilitate interaction of information among libraries, publishers and data centers.